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Yo Soy un Anarquista

Publicado a 13/05/2015
This is a song written in support of today's Anarchists in Spain who are facing a major clampdown on their civil rights. Spain has a proud history of anarchist organisation and direct action and today's anarchists are again under serious attack from the right wing. This song relates back to the heroes of the Spanish revolution who fought Franco and his Fascist/Nationalist forces between 1936 and 1939, while at the same time managing industry and agriculture in an equal, libertarian, non-hierarchical way- a great inspiration to Anarchists ever since.
SOLIDARITY WITH SPANISH ANARCHISTS!...for tomorrow, the same laws will be applied to us.
For more info on the 'Ley Mordaza' law -

Yo Soy un Anarquista

In the 30s a general called Franco proclaimed,
The people had no right to run their own Spain.
So he turned on his country and its freedom he tore,
And set Spains own army on her people in war.
Under Hitlers bombs towns like Guernika fell,
And Mussolinis shells, blasted 'em to hell,
While Franco claimed victory and looked on with pride,
The governments of Europe just turned a blind eye.

But they came from all nations, no state to their name,
To fight against the Fascists with the people of Spain.
Through frozen sierras and deserts parched,
The Anarchist militias marched.
No masters, no gods, no kings and no prison,
the factories owned by the workers within them,
And the fields that they sowed
With the seeds of their souls
That cried out for freedom
For one and for all.

Those warriors of conscience
Who chose to insist
On the right to their freedom
and the right to resist
and today their grand-children
are raising a fist
Yo soy un Anarquist-, yo soy un anarquist-,
yo soy un anarquista.

No medals, no honours, November parade.
No recognition of the warriors so brave.
No white cross for the ones that remained,
To die in the fields of Spain.
Betrayed from all sides, stood in a line,
The firing squad bullets, ending their time.
Though their bodies in ditches lie bloodied and stained,
Like the Black and Red flag
Their spirits remain.


Muerte a todos los fascistas (death to all Fascists)
Yo soy un Anarquista.

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